by Tracy Ferrick

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"Can I have some too?"
Butch, Naia & Coco (9 yrs, 2 yrs, 14 yrs)

We are frequently asked how this breed reacts with kids and other dogs. We are not animal behaviorists or professional animal trainers. We only have our personal experiences to offer. So sit back and enjoy some of our kids.


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"What’cha doing in here, little boy"
Moreta & Thomas


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"Awe, mom, do ya have ta hold me like a baby"
Mac & Tracy


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"How humiliating"|
Ballerina Kayleigh & Tracy


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"Gimme back my toy"
Mac, Brian & Thomas


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"Gitte up lil’l doggie"
Moreta & nephew Michael


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"Gosh, that snail is moving awfully slow"
Janie & Courtney


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"Dad’s busy holding my mom, and I’m making sure he doesn’t get away"
Emmo, Casey & Senna


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"My sweetie"
Moreta & Thomas


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"Help, I’m being licked"
Cody & Courtney 

We hope you’ve enjoyed some of our favorite times with our Bullmastiff’s.

*Always check with the breeder you are purchasing your puppy from as to the temperament of their breeding stock and how their dogs are raised.

Bullmastiffs are very drawn to children, but can sometimes get a bit too rough. All small children should be supervised when playing with adult dogs of any breed.

When introducing a new animal into the home always supervise the other animals. DO NOT ASSUME that all animals will get along with each other. Dogs are like people. We all have different personalities, so do dogs.


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