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Since joining the breed in 1985, I have been very active with the education the public receives on the breed and in promoting responsible dog ownership.

I acted as the Bullmastiff breed coordinator for three years ('95-'97) with America's Family Pet Expo, where we would greet over 10,000 people a year. This is a three day event, arranged by the World Pet Society to help educate the public regarding individual dog breeds and responsible pet ownership.

Mac and his son "Mobley" represented the breed at the AKC Pure Breed Rescue Booth, at the Silver Bay Kennel Club Shows in Del Mar, CA for two years.

In Feb.'98, "Mac" & I  greeted the public at a Petco Store in San Diego, CA. We also took part in the Del Sur Kennel Club public education booth at the Rolando Street Fair in San Diego, CA. In May 98, I assisted the public education booth at the Del Sur Kennel Club show.

In June ’98, Mac and I assisted the Del Sur Kennel Club booth at the Del Mar Fair. We were there for over 4 hours and greeted close to 1,500 people. We even participated in the parade of breeds.

In September 2000, Mac and, Courtney Kochan, appeared at the "Fur Ball", a benefit for the San Diego Humane Society!  "Mac" got to hob knob with the elite of San Diego!

Since 2003, we have represented the breed in the "Meet the Breed Extravaganza" tent at the Silver Bay Kennel Club shows, in Del Mar, CA. (Pictured above is Jen Chemberlain with Dani and Courtney Ferrick getting ready for the crowds!)

December 2009, we assisted the California Bullmastiff Fanciers with the Eukanuba Meet the Breed Booth!  What a great time Annabelle and Sunita had!!!

On a regular basis we receive inquires regarding general information on this wonderful breed or just questions from new puppy owners.  We are always happy to assist a new owner with any queries they have.


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Photo taken 9/27/11

Wild West Annabelle's Four Horsemen, CGC, RN, RA, RE, CD, NJP, NAP,TT, TDI, GN, CDX, RAE

by Tracy Ferrick

Annabelle was born 3/21/09. From the start you could tell that she was the smartest pup in the bunch.  She would sit and study everything and then pounce when the mood hit her!

When Annabelle's owner came to see her at just 1 day old, she chose her immediately.  Sunita would come to visit Annabelle every week.  Annabelle went home at 8 weeks of age and Sunita started her Obedience training that day!  She was potty trained and could sit within 2 days, the down and come commands came very quickly as well.  At 19 weeks of age, Annabelle got her CGC!!! Out of 14 dogs that were attempting this, she was one of 2 that received their CGC that day!! I was blown away!!!   Sunita started in a puppy class and Annabelle soared to the top of the class.

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Soon they were training for Rally and when Annabelle was 7 months old she got the 1st leg of her Rally Novice title, then in back to back competitions at 8-1/2 months old she won the 2nd and 3rd legs giving her the Rally Novice title!

Then January 2010, at 10 months of age she received the 1st leg of her Rally Advanced title, at 1 year she got the 2nd leg of her RA and at 12-1/2 months of age, won the 3rd leg and gor her Rally Advanced title! Between 12-1/2 months of age and 13-1/2 months of age, in just 4 shows, she got her Rally Excellence title!

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  Then at 14 months of age, she got her CD title in 5 shows, going HIT on the 2nd leg of the title! 

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Now it's July and she has the first leg of her CDX title!!!  This is a much more complicated level of competition for a Bullmastiff, especially for one so young. 

Here are the photos from her competition at Del Monte KC shows in Carmel, CA on 7/17/10.

wpe1.jpg (89154 bytes)wpe2.jpg (62108 bytes)wpe3.jpg (65398 bytes)wpe5.jpg (34100 bytes)

                                   Sunita & Annabelle heeling                               More heeling                                                          Figure 8's                                                                 More figure 8's


wpe6.jpg (59048 bytes)wpe7.jpg (26003 bytes)wpe8.jpg (43358 bytes)wpe9.jpg (49270 bytes)

                              More figure 8's                                       Sit & Wait for recall                                               Drop on recall                                                                       Retreiving the dumbbell


wpeB.jpg (50317 bytes)wpeC.jpg (50141 bytes)wpeD.jpg (35323 bytes)

                                                        Retreiving                                                         Oops!dropped the Dumbbell                                                                            Broadjump



Annabelle has also been training for her Jumpers with Weaves (NJP) title!  She won the first leg on 8/1/10 with a perfect score of 100!!  Watch this You Tube Video of her.  There are both Saturday and Sunday's performances on the video!  Saturday she was NQ'd due to the wrong collar being on, but Sunday was her day to shine!!!  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZDxbyOLtZ0Q

**** Flash!!! Annabelle wins the 2nd leg of her NJP title, with another PERFECT SCORE of 100!!!!  This girl LOVES to jump!!!!!  AND she doesn't turn 18 months until 9/21/10!!!!!

*****FLASH- 10/10/10 - Annabelle is now competing in Standard Agility Trials.  On her 3rd time in the ring, she got her 1st leg of her NAP title with 2nd place and a score of 100!!!!!  There were 7 dogs in this class!!! YIPPEE!!!

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3/29/11 -  Since October 2010, Annabelle has completed even more titles. She finished both her NJP and her NAP, then took the TDI test and the TT tests and passed those with flying colors and then her GN title and her CDX title!!! 

10/15/11 - Annabelle completes her RAE title with scores all in the high 90's and even some 100's!!!  YIPPEE!!!  Holy Cow!!!  This girl is ONLY 2-1/2 years old!!!!!

  Stay tuned for more exciting Annabelle news!!!!!


**Annabelle's owner and trainer is Sunita Lacy, M.Ed, B.S.    She has her own Dog Training Service called HEAD TO TAIL DOG TRAINING and is also an AKC CGC evaluator.  To contact her for private training or for CGC Evaluator available dates, email her at: headtwotail@yahoo.com   She is in the Long Beach, California area.



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