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The Bullmastiff is a breed that originated in England in the mid to late 1800's. The progenitors of this breed were approximately 60% Mastiff and 40% Old English Bulldog. They were originally called the "Gamekeeper's Night Dog."

The English estates needed protection from poachers. The answer was to develop a powerful, yet agile animal who could knock down the would be offenders and hold them until the gamekeeper could arrive.

Brindle was the original color, as it was camouflaged. Today, the colors of the bred are: Fawn, Red, Red-Fawn, and of course, brindle.

Classified as a Working Dog with the American Kennel Club (AKC), the Bullmastiff characteristics include: nobility, attentiveness, and intellectual look. The Bullmastiff is distinguished from the English Mastiff by its smaller compact size. Bullmastiff's are often described as intelligent, loyal, protective, stubborn, family-oriented, playful, easy-going, passive, and even-tempered. The Bullmastiff tends to integrate well with other pets.

This breed now enjoys the luxury of being the family pet. They require moderate exercise to maintain muscle structure and good health. They are easy to train in conformation, obedience, and/or search and rescue. They are protective of their family and property, and are excellent with children.

The Bullmastiff tends to be a domineering animal wanting to take control. It is important that they learn who the master is from day one to minimize any potential behavior problems. This breed should be socialized with other animals, as well as people, from an early age.

It is recommended that any interested Bullmastiff purchaser read as many books and periodicals on the breed prior to their purchase. Please view our Books and Periodical Information.





Did you know there are Rough Coated (Long Haired) Bullmastiffs? 

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4 Fuzzballs at 6 weeks of age!!! (Blake, Coal, Zac & Lily) Blake and Zac are still available!

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Ava at about 5 months

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"Sable"wpe1.jpg (28051 bytes)

Sable & Athena at the park having fun!  They are 13 months old here. They still look like Bullmastiffs, just a little fluffy arund the edges!!

***Long haired Bullmastiffs or Rough Coats are purebred animals. They are not mutts and are a PUREBRED Bullmastiff in every sense of the name! They are a pet quality animal and can never be bred. Both parents must be carriers to bring this gene forward. Their coats are not very long, but are very soft and silky!

We have been DNA testing our Bullmastiffs.  If every breeder in the world would DNA test their Bullmastiffs and then only breed to a tested CLEAR dog or bitch, the long hair gene would be wiped out in a couple of generations. It is nothing to be ashamed of or BE KEPT hidden.  These pups make wonderful pets and many have gone on to become therapy dogs! Dogs should not be removed from a breeding program because they are carriers, but they should only be bred to animals that are tested as CLEAR!

Thanks to all of the breeders and scientists who have helped develop this test! Thanks also to DDC Veterinary for allowing me to put their information here for the public to contact them!

  For information on this test, go to  They are DDC Veterinary at One DDC Way, Fairfield, Way, Fairfield, OH 45014 1-800-625-0874.  You can request a single test kit or multiple test kits.  For up to 4 Bullmastiffs the cost is $58.00/ea then for 4 or more it is $48.00/ea dog tested! Results are within 10 days.

These are my dogs that have been tested and their results:

AM/INTL. CH. Wild West Arrow of Lone Pine, OFA-Good, EL, TH, Cerf, BROM, Clear (2 copies of the short coat gene)

Mex/Intl. CH. Wild West's T-N-T Dynomite, OFA-Good, Carrier (Long Hair Gene)

Middlemarch's Wild West Tequila Sunrise, OFA-Good, EL, Carrier (Long Hair Gene)

CH. Middlemarch's Wild West Conquistador, OFA-Good, EL,TH, CA -  Carrier (Long Hair Gene)

Elohim's This Is Why I'm Hot!, Carrier (Long Hair Gene)

CH. Wild West-N-Escalade's OOPS I Did It Again, OFA-Good, EL, Clear (2 copies of the short coat gene)

Wild West's A Penny Fur Yer Thoughts, Carrier (Long Hair Gene)

Wild West's Poetry In Motion, Carrier (Long Hair Gene)

Wild West's Distant Drums, Carrier (Long Hair Gene)

Wild West Ananbelle's Four Horsemen, CGC, RN, RA, RE, CD, Carrier (Long Hair Gene)

Wild West's Locked 'N Loaded, Clear (2 copies of the short coat gene)

Wld West's Flirt'n With Fire, Clear (2 copies of the short coat gene)

Wild West's High Plains Drifter, Clear (2 copies of the short coat gene)

Wild West's Wild Card, Clear ( 2 copies of the short coat gene)


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