by Tracy Ferrick

              Using the Home Again Companion Animal Retrieval System


This is a very effective and safe way of identifying your pet.  If your breeder does not offer this, please have your veterinarian implant a chip into your dog, so that if it ever gets loose, and ends up in Animal Control, you WILL be notified when they scan your dog.  Thousands of dogs and cats are saved every year because they have been microchiped!


Step 1:

Clean the area with alcohol before you begin.

wpe2.jpg (28124 bytes)


The implant tool.  This is very sharp. 

wpe3.jpg (29840 bytes)

Step 2:

Put the pup on a level surface where it is comfortable (I use the floor).   Lift the skin above the shoulder blades.  Insert the implanting tool and depress the lever which releases the microchip.

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Step 3: Scan the pup to make sure the microchip has been implanted.

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Step 4: Make sure the paperwork and the chip match and fill out for each pup.   Each owner must send in the registration paperwork for the chip to be valid.

Then place the yellow tag displaying the chip number on the pup's collar.   Make sure the tag is with the pup at all times.

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Pup in photos: Wild West's Aztec Dancer "Cheyenne" Owned by Peter & Holly Gudath, New Jersey.



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