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Did you wake up this am to find your adorable Bullmastiff puppy looking like this? Don't fret, help is on the way!

The above puppy is INTL. CH. Elfin Forest Outside Linebacker, registered Therapy dog, aka "Mobley"at almost 6 months of age.  His owner, Courtney Kochan, through everyday diligence, taped his ears so that he would look like the following handsome dog.

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The best directions that I have seen to date is illustrated in "The Bullmastiff - Peerless Protector", written by Jack Shastid and Geraldine Roach.

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Pictured above are the supplies you will need to begin.  Roll of surgical tape, scissors, bottle of rubbing alcohol, cotton balls and q-tips.

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Here are pictures of Wild West's Cat Ballou, one of our Miracle 16 pups, getting her ears taped for the first time!  Here she is before we started!

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First, clear the ear with a cotton ball with alcohol.  Use the Q-tips to get in all the nooks and crannies, but NEVER enter the ear canal.  Let the ear dry for a couple of minutes.

Cut strips of surgical tape, 1" longer than the ear length and about 1" in width.  Apply the first piece to the underneath side of the ear.  Then place another on the top side of the ear.  Do the same to the other ear, and then with 2 additional strips, connect them together under the chin.  Make sure you leave enough room, just so you can slide your hand between the throat and tape.  You may do this on the front of the ear or the back of the ear. On Cat, I did the back of the ear, as it was folding in half.  The front of her ears are good.

Here is the completed look!

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If you have questions, please email me or give me a call! We had two pups have a reaction to the duct tape, so we are now only using surgical tape.  It does not last as long, but there have been no reactions.


email: or phone me at 760-745-5756


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